Rebekkah Schoonbeek




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Luck & Schooney

James Luck and Rebekkah Schoonbeek combine to create the artistic duo of “Luck & Schooney” Together they create extraordinary shows full of passion, humor and emotion that connect with diverse audiences. Both with many years of performance and creative experience they specialise in dance theatre, creating storylines through movement, dance, and music.


Snuff is a moment: A sharp intake of breath, a cake & coke smeared cabaret for the fast-living, youth-loving, devil-may-care. The last stand of the drug-addled-burlesque-club kid glitteratti. A pinch from the snuff box. In the neon glow of the final party, high heels flash against glimpses of torn fishnets & spilt champagne.

Hosted by the irreverent & insolent James Luck; featuring our burlesquers with bounce, Patty Smack & Molly Va Saahd alongside the incomparable Dudley the Douche Bear (keep your arms & legs inside the vehicle at all times); & all new performances by NZ's striptease queen Leda Petit.

Darlings, come follow us down the rabbit hole. We’ll show you a real good time. Strip you right down to the bone & tidy you up just in time for breakfast.

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