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CCMT Music Theatre Workshop - 2017
Bruce Mason Center
Photo: Hamish McGreogor

TEaching experience

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Rebekkah loves to share her knowledge. She has worked in many dance schools, tertiary education, Workshops, Primary, High schools and preschools teaching a variety of styles and classes.

List of institutions and places of work:
Tertiary & Full time
- Excel Performing Arts School ( H.O.D - 2017/18)
- Apollo Theatre School Commercial Full time
- MEBA future Dancers programme

- National Youth Theatre Company
- Stretch and Grow (Pre School exercise classes)
- Apollo Theatre Company

Dance Schools
- Fusion Dance Studio
- The Dance Studio
- Carter-Chan Performance Centre
- Bays School of Dance
- Neverland Studios
- Red Studio

Schools (NCEA/Cambridge)
- Diocesan School for Girls
- St Cuthberts College
- Epsom Girls Grammar
- Auckland Boys Grammar School
- Mt Albert Grammar School
- Kristen College
- Orewa College

- Cornwall Park Primary School
- Remuera Intermediate
- Royal Oak Primary School

The Dance Studio Performance Group - “Ode Martha” - PACANZ ‘16

The Dance Studio Performance Group - “Ode Martha” - PACANZ ‘16


Recently Rebekkah has created NZQA Level 4 and 5 Dance curriculum for Excel Performing Arts School. She was Head of Department for two years prior to the creation of the new curriculum. Her wealth of dance knowledge is extensive and includes detailed understanding around: NZ and International Companies/competitions/performances, dance styles and their history, dance influences, choreographers, theatre and Musical theatre and much more.

“Dance is a huge industry! My aim is to be a part of it as much as I can. I love to learn about all who have come before me and to follow and grow with those creating new pathways in dance today. I really enjoy learning about all that is dance. To be constantly learning and exploring in this art form excites me! Dance will always be a huge part of my life.”

Rebekkah works with students and peers to help them choose the right dance path for them.

CCMT Theatre Workshop 2017 - “Fosse” Bruce Mason Center Photo: Hamish McGreogor

CCMT Theatre Workshop 2017 - “Fosse”
Bruce Mason Center
Photo: Hamish McGreogor

private tuition

Rebekkah offers private tuition in a range of dance styles. She works with each dancer to gain knowledge and understanding of their own body. She specializes in understanding movement pathways, dance history, safe dance practices, musicality and embodiment. She creates choreography with her students for performances and competitions. Some of her past students have gone onto further studies, jobs and dance achievements.

If you would like private tuition, please get in touch.

NOTE: All choreography belongs to Rebekkah as the choreographer, unless discussed or stated before hand.

Student - Louise Camelbeke | 2019 | Alana Haines Award

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